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Adelphi Herbst News

Schöne Herbstbottlings mit ganz viel Sherry 

Mit dabei: Der Ardnamurchan AD2019

Tolle Tasting Notes von diesem sherry-lastingen Bottling. Teilweise sowohl in den Original Tasting Notes von Adelphi als auch ergänzt um Chris' Tasting Notes zum Adelphi Dinner am 25.10.19 im Hotel Essener Hof mit Alex Bruce und Charles MacLean.

  • Ardnamurchan 2019 AD Spirit
    (Islands) 2y, first fill Sherry, 57,4 %
    Chris' Notes:
    N: rich, quite dense, slightly syrupy, minty notes, salty tang, peat smoke?, sawdust, slight nose prickle
    T: fresh, quite strong, dry/tight, relaxes, salt arrives, smoky notes appear, becomes richer, wood spices, black pepper, ginger hints, mint again

    F: peat smoke, bit of tongue prickle, woody notes, spices arrive (pepper), mild chili, minty coolness, sherry hints, salty notes stay around

  • Benrinnes for Germany
    (Speyside) 2006, 13y, first fill Sherry, 54,6 %
    Chris' Notes:
    N: heavy-ish sherry, clean, fruity notes (sultanas, fresh grapes), sugary sweet note, faultless, rather quiet, faultless, rounded
    T: sherried, quite strong, fruity notes (prunes, apples), more apples and pears, herbs arrive (lovage, sage), burnt sugar
    F: dark, again clean, fruity, liquorice arrives, herbal notes (mint, lovage) burnt sugar notes

  • Bowmore
    (Islay) 1994, 25y, refill Sherry, 54,2 %
    Official Notes:
    On the nose we found honey cured gammon with roasted pineapple, Kilpatrick oysters, Applewood smoked cheddar, burnt fruitcake, sultanas and a mix of dates, almonds and pecans nuts. An incredibly layered whisky on the palate starting with Ardennes pate with rowan berries, sooty, salty & sweet. Back of the palate you find Raclette and finishing with an ashy chocolate mud cake.
    Chris' Notes:
    N: relaaaaxed, smoky notes, costal salt, herbal hints (burning rosemary twigs), sherry arrives, slightly ‘dirty’, more coastal notes (post storm shoreline with everything washed up > fishing nets, cuttle fish bones, oil drums, dead crabs, drift wood …), slight bees waxy note, smoked malt
    T: seaside (smoked fish), peat smoke, seafood, herbs again (thyme, rosemary, lemon balm), citrus notes (lemon peel)
    F: seaside smoke, again a bit ‘dirty’, fish smoker, slightly oily, herbs arrive (rosemary, lemon thyme), salty tang, dry sherry mineral note

  • Breath of the Highlands
    (Highlands ;-) 12y, 2007, refill Sherry, 52,7 %
    Official Notes:
    Straight away the nose delivers oodles of McCowan’s Highland Toffee, in the background there are prunes, cloves, xmas mince pies and a savoury element of bread sauce. The palate brings Scottish tablet, star anise, brandy snaps, mulled wine, stewed fruits and parma violets. The finish is long, lingering and slightly drying.
    Chris' Notes:
    N: dense, sherry notes, hint of stewed fruit, malty notes, caramel/toffee, vanilla, quite light
    T: again dense, and again sherry notes, fruity (stewed dried fruit), cake spices, caramel, vintage balsamic vinegar, becomes ‘darker’, herbal notes, slight waxiness
    F: stays dense, sweet notes, sherry, again cake spices, dries slightly, woody notes arrive, caramel, vanilla, fruity notes arrive (again stewed), grapey note, malt appears, dark caramel, herbal hints

  • Breath of the Isles
    (Islands) 12y, 2007, refill Sherry, 58,7 %
    Official Notes:
    On the nose is a decadent aroma of salted honeycomb, dulche de leche, bog myrtle and tinned pineapple. The palate develops with crunchie bars, dried hay, bitter lemon and a peaty hearth with integrated peat smoke. Finishing peppery.

  • Bunnahabhain
    (Islay) unpeated, 10y, 2009, first fill sherry, 58,9 %
    Official Notes:
    On the nose is an obvious note of sparklers by a beach bonfire on guy fawkes night. A meat pie accompanied with a hot cup of Bovril. There is also nuances of cheese rind in the background. On the palate – rockpools, gunpowder, hot sand, borage honey and ginger. Finishes malty with a hint of ginger.
    Chris' Notes;
    N: heavy, malty, sherry notes, coastal freshness, slight salty hints, dark honey, spicy notes (ginger, pepper)
    T: malty, tangy notes, coastal mineral notes, spices, quite lively, wood arrives, walnuts, sherry, bit of lemon peel
    F: dry, malty, salty/coastal, sherry notes, again spices (ginger, pepper), touch of Sulphur, floral hints (cucumber!)

  • Glenborrodale
    Batch 7, Blended Malt, 9y, refill Sherry, 46 %

  • Glen Elgin
    (Speyside) 13y, 2006, refill bourbon, 54,6 %
    Official Notes:
    A colour of deep gold with excellent beading. Drawn from a refill bourbon hogshead. The nose is grassy initially with notes of almond and coconut muesli, honeysuckle, rosehip and a kiwi pavlova.
    On the palate there is soor plooms, marzipan, oaty biscuits and well cooked banana. Finishes with salty custard slices.

  • Teaninich
    (Speyside), 12y, 2007, 1st fill sherry, 52,9 %
    A gorgeous colour of stout with a good bead. On the nose there is molasses, liquorice, vegemite on hot buttered toast. In the background is cola cubes and sourdough bread. Palate delivers great texture with notes of spearmint, burnt brownies, fig rolls, devils on horseback and finishing with velvety chocolate.

  • und maybe something left that starts with D and ends with almore ...



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