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Adelphi Sommer Bottling

Von 10 bis 38 Jahre

Im Sommer liegt die Speyside im Fokus

  • Glen Elgin 
    13y, 2006, Speyside, 53.8%, refill Bourbon Hogshead, Fass 802273, 273 Fl
    Offizielle Tasting Notes:
    Pale gold in colour from a refill ex-Bourbon hogshead with new ends. A good bead suggests good mouth texture.
    Ripe bananas, banana foam sweets, macaroons, Tunnocks snowballs, cooked pears in syrup and a vanilla batch bomb.
    As expected, a great mouth texture with nougat wafers, and a surprisingly complex finish of Lindt white chocolate dusted in rock salt.

  • Glen Keith
    23, 1995, Speyside, 60.5%, refill Bourbon, Fass 8512, 137 Fl.
    Offizielle Tasting Notse:
    A refill ex-Bourbon barrel with some decent age, Autumn gold in colour with a moderate bead.
    Madeira sponge fingers, custard creams, rhubarb compote, star anise, angelica root and oranges spiked with cloves. Overall mentholic.
    White pepper, toasted flapjacks, more rhubarb and custard, candyfloss grapes and lingering licorice.

  • Glen Moray 
    10y, 2008, Speyside, 59.4%, 1st fill Bourbon, Fass 5584, 216 Fl.
    Original Tasting Notes:
    Drawn from a 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrel, mid-gold in colour with a moderate bead.
    Some nose prickle to start, but well worth the wait once you have navigated around it.
    Lemon meringue pie with Chantilly cream, lychee sorbet and raspberry coulis.
    We recommend a little water to open it up further – nose cooling eucalyptus, Fox’s Glacier mints, and Campino strawberry and cream sweets.
    The strawberry theme continues with Edinburgh Rock, boiled sweets, icing sugar and bonbons

  • Glenrothes
    38y, 1980, Speyside, 40,2 %, refill Sherry Hogshead, Fass 7202, 176 Fl.Year Old Speyside 40.2%
    Original Tasting Notes:
    Drawn from a refill ex-Sherry hogshead, this is 24 carat gold in colour with bright copper lights and no beading due to its natural low strength.
    Apple crumble, slightly burnt on top, shortbread, unripe bananas and red apple skins with pineapple chunks and tropical fruit salad in the development.
    Both incredibly delicate and complex to taste with flamed orange peel over toffee apples and a soft, lasting tangy aftertaste.
    Old school distillate taken to full maturation.

  • Laphroaig
    14y, 2004, Islay, 56.5%, refill Bourbon Hogshead, Fass 700170, 321 Fl.
    Original Tasting Notes:
    Drawn from a refill ex-Bourbon hogshead, this appears to have had a west coast maturation – gradual loss of alcohol with good retention of volume (win-win). Summer gold in colour, this shows a moderate bead.
    Smoked kippers, burning boiler suits (thanks Alison!), Amaretti biscuits, lint bandages soaked in TCP and sea urchin.
    Burnt treacle cupcakes, Stollen cake, malt kilns, smoked oysters, sun-kissed kelp and smoked Mull cheddar in a long finish.

  • Laudale Batch 2
    12y (Linkwood), 46 %, 1453 Fl.
    Original Tasting Notes:
    Custard tarts and crème caramel with a side of baked toffee apples. Curly Wurly and Crunchie bars topped with a hint of stem ginger to finish



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