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The Kincardine & Ardnamurchan 2016AD

Altes Adelsgeschlecht und neuer Brand
-- Ardnamurchan ausverkauft !!! --

Der schottisch-indische Blend ist benannt nach dem 13. Lord of Kincardine, 1894 - 1899 Vizekönig von Indien, Urgroßvater des Master Blendes und Managing Directors Alex Bruce. Sein am 07.10.2014 ins Faß gefüllter, sehnsüchtig erwarteter neuer Brand ist der Ardnamurchan 2016AD.

  • The Kincardine 7yr old Malt Whisky

    No. of bottles: 796
    Alc/vol: 52.9%
    Content: Refill American oak ex -Bourbon casks from Amrut Distillery, Bangalore, India and Glen Elgin Distillery, Speyside, Scotland, and refill Spanish oak ex -Sherry from Macallan Distillery, Speyside, Scotland

    Tasting note:
    Aroma: initially spicy, fruity and floral with notes of ripe bananas, freshly opened jar of Dundee marmalade, green apple skin and lemon curd. White chocolate and coconut ice cream in the development with lychees, melon balls and citrus brullée.
    Taste: almost chilli-hot spices from the High Ranges of Kerala, tempered by fresh coconut, including the coir, sweetening to Tunnock’s Snowballs with black cherry cola.
    Finish: Black Forest Gâteau, ground pepper and a hint of mustard seed.

  • Ardnamurchan Spirit 2016 AD

    No. of bottles: 2500 bottles estimated
    Alc/vol: 53.0%
    Content: 15 American oak ex Oloroso and PX octaves, peated Ardnamurhcan (55 litre original fill) 26.08.2015; 14 American oak ex Oloroso and PX octaves, unpeated
    Ardnamurchan (55 litre original fill) 07.10.2014
    Warehouse location: Ardnamurchan upper floor
    Finish: all 29 octaves married in Spanish oak ex PX butts for 2 months

    Tasting note:
    Acacia honey, salted caramel, sweet seaweed and chili pepper, tempered by working malt kilns and seaside bonfires.

© Tina Norris 2016, Copyright photograph by Tina Norris. Contact Tina on 07775 593 830 info@tinanorris.co.uk






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